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Servicing New England

Accepting all major credit cards

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Servicing New England
(*RI * MASS * CT)



In addition to high standards of safety and vehicle maintenance, you can count on a reliable and consistent airport service 24 hours a day, each and every day. We diligently monitor all flights, so you can depend on our professional chauffeurs to be on-time.

*  Boston Logan  * TF Green
*  Bradley
* North Star



Chauffeurs are required to report to Logan limo holding area and check in with Massport Authority. They then may proceed to terminal limo stand area when the flight has arrived. Below are directions to limo areas for each terminal. If you have scheduled a greeter, they will meet you at baggage claim.

TERMINAL A - Meet your chauffeur outside the Terminal on the Ground Level in the limousine parking area, which is straight across two lanes of traffic.

TERMINAL B - Meet your chauffeur outside the Terminal on the Ground Level (baggage claim level) by crossing the crosswalk into the limousine pickup area in the parking garage.

TERMINAL C - Meet your chauffeur outside the Terminal on the 2nd floor (up one level from baggage claim) by crossing three lanes of traffic to the limousine pick-up area.

TERMINAL E - Meet your chauffeur outside the Terminal on the Ground Level in the limousine  parking area, straight across  two lanes of traffic  then to the left.


All airlines and all flights meet their chauffeurs inside the terminal, at the bottom of the escalator near baggage claim. The driver will hold a sign with the passengers name on it.

If you are in need of assistance at Logan Airport, a greeter can be arranged to assist you.  A greeter will meet the passenger at baggage claim, assist with the luggage and escort passengers to their chauffeur.

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